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We make podcasting easy. From setup, to production, to distribution, to lining up guests, our team offers a one-of-a-kind podcasting experience that will transform your business and brand.

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Interested in starting your own podcast? Here's what to do next

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Send us an email to welcometoike@gmail.com explaining who you are and what type of podcast you would like to create. 


Wait for us to reach out. We then will work together to set up a time to discuss remotely your goals and ideas.


 Following our introductory call, our team will send over a proposal recommendation fitting your needs and constraints. Let us know if anything is unclear or if you have any questions. We will answer all of them to the best of our ability and adjust the proposal accordingly.


Sign a contract. When you are satisfied with the proposal, send us back a signed agreement to get started and set up a kickoff call. Together, we will work through the process of lining up guests, producing podcasts, distributing the content, and applying growth strategies. This is where the fun begins!